Borrowing Players:


  • All borrows to be communicated and approved by both team managers/coaches, (lending and borrowing teams).
  • Note Each player can only be borrowed 3 times in the season. If a player is borrowed for a 4th time, they will no longer be part of their original team and shall be regraded into higher team as per HDNA playing rules. Please be careful. Incorrect borrows can result in loss of points for teams.
  • Once a players signs on for another team, it counts as playing up, even if they only play several minutes or do not take the court! Should you accidentally sign on, please have your name removed from the scorecard before the game is completed as once the card is in that borrow is considered to have occurred.
  • Players can only play 2 games only in any given round. (ie own team + rep team or own team + play up). If you already played 2 games you cannot play up as well. Players cannot be borrowed twice in the same day.
  • To play for cadets or seniors, players must be minimum 14 years on December 31st, 2022.


All borrows MUST be confirmed and recorded at to avoid accidental errors and penalties.

Managers, coaches and players to please check this database regularly and advise the Media Officer of any errors or omissions please.

TeamPlayerDateBorrowed count
C2Glynis R19/61
10/2Willow H18/6, 16/72
9 LorikeetEmily M18/61
10/2Georgia B16/71
11/2Sofia E16/71
12/2Annabelle R16/71
14/1Michaela P30/51

Borrowing Order for Seniors/Cadets:

  • Ordered from top to bottom
TeamTime they play
A2 PHNC 11:15PM
Cadet 1 PHNC 22:30PM
B3 PHNC 31:15PM
Cadet 2 PHNC 42:30PM
C1 PHNC 53:45pm
C1 PHNC 63:45pm
C1 PHNC 73:45pm
C2 PHNC 81:15PM